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Charging stations are intended for:

Owners of electric vehicles
Communities, neighborhoods and residential buildings
Office buildings, shopping centers
Structural units of the state administration
Electric vehicle dealers
Hotels, restaurants and accommodation

Find your station!

In Full&Fast you can find charging equipment that fit your capabilities and needs. Various charging capacities are available, starting from 1.4 kW to 22 kW.
Fast charging stations have a charging capacity of up to 180 kW.

Earn money with Full&Fast charging equipment!

Create a charging point (or points) and offer other electric car owners to charge! It will be an opportunity to start a new business or supplement the existing business!
Full&Fast charging stations are equipped with an operating system that is easy to connect to any payment system on mobile phones!

Four steps to charge an electric car with a Full&Fast charging station!

1. Choose a Full&Fast electric car charging station!
2. Consultations are carried out in case of questions and uncertainties!
3. Order the selected electric car charging station!
4. Install the charging station yourself or use Full&Fast installation services!

Have questions and concerns?

Lots of possibilities!

Full&Fast charging stations with a metal body are available. This means they are safe from vandalism and damage!
Charging equipment is equipped with electronic protection!
Your electric car will be protected during an electrical short circuit! Safety comes first!

RFID card reader

Full&Fast offers charging stations that are equipped with an RFID card reader!
It is used when your charging station is in a place accessible to everyone and strangers can access and charge, which is not agreed with you!
Charging starts only when the card or chip is attached to the charging device!
There are stations that already have it installed, and there are stations that can be retrofitted! Information can be found in the description - specification of each charger.

Equipped with Wi-Fi

Some of the private Full&Fast charging stations are equipped with Wi-Fi: this means that you can connect the charger to the mobile application and control the charging of the electric car remotely via your phone!

Four steps to create a charging point and earn from it!

Choose an electric car charging station offered by Full&Fast that has an interface - interface.
Consultations are carried out in case of questions and uncertainties!
Order and install the charging station yourself or use Full&Fast installation services!
Connect the charging station to an application - a payment system that is available on mobile phones.

Create the design yourself

Do you design? Do you want the charging equipment to fit into the overall design? Looking for VOOL chargers! VOOL chargers come in a variety of front panels that are made from real materials! Black - elegant, stylish aluminum, rusted steel, wood, recycled plastic and even live plants - moss, specially treated so as not to lose its splendor!

All types of charging cables

All charging stations are equipped with a Type 2 cable! The Full&Fast offer includes charging stations that can be equipped with a Type 1 cable (Type1)!
Fast DC charging stations are equipped with cables designed for safe fast charging - CSS2 and Chademo.

Stations with Display

Full&Fast charging stations with a display are available! The display shows the charging parameters:

  • Amperage
  • Charging capacity
  • Charging time
  • Voltage
  • Temperature
  • Other indicators

How can electric car charging solutions be related to your business?

Charging at work!
Предлагает сотрудникам заряжать на рабочем месте!
Charging for customers and visitors!
Provide convenient electric car charging for existing customers and visitors! Attract new customers!
Create a fleet recharge!
Develop the company and create a fleet charging in your company, charging the company's vehicles and offering charging to other neighboring companies as well.
Do you want to start a business and earn immediately?
Create electric car charging points and earn income! It is and will be a profitable business!

Modification options

A menu has been created for each charging device on the Full&Fast website!
By choosing all the necessary parameters and additional options, you will immediately see the final price!
Everyone has the opportunity to create a charging station exactly as you need it! Do you not understand something? Let's help!

Satisfied customers are the main goal of Full&Fast!

You may have expected more EV chargers and a wider range of offerings from Full&Fast, but we would have preferred to offer fewer, but proven and high-quality charging stations!

Satisfied customers are the main goal of Full&Fast!

Full&Fast - Charged for the good road!

Do you have suggestions to improve our work?

We are open to new opportunities and ideas!

Write or call! Learn more about us!


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